Our Team

Tulumbe! Members

Ayomide Omotola
Ayomide Omotola, MPH (Ayo Omotola) is a public health professional whose career began in the pioneer research institute for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Her experience working with the clients informed her decision to pursue a career in public health. Since completing her MPH at Boston University, she has worked with hospitals where she managed different health initiatives to strengthen healthcare systems, improve access to health care, and improve health outcomes. She also works as a consultant on program evaluation and quality improvement projects. Outside work, she continues her passion for reducing health inequities, improving health outcomes, and contributing to innovation in health care as a member of the TULUMBE! project.”

Chioma Nnaji
Chioma Nnaji is a community organizer, activist, and scholar working as a Program Director at the Multicultural AIDS Coalition. She founded the Africans For Improved Access (AFIA) program – the first state-funded program in Massachusetts to address HIV/STI among African immigrants. In this role, she organizes communities to address the root causes underlying the epidemic; develops schedules and interventions for people living with and impacted by HIV/AIDS; advocates for policy changes addressing the ‘hidden epidemic’ among African immigrants; applies anti-racist and cultural competency frameworks to training public health and clinical professionals; and establishes community-academic research projects that are ‘for, by and with’ the people most impacted by inequities. Ms. Nnaji is passionate about her work and is committed to bringing the voice and needs of African diaspora communities to the table of health policy, research, and service delivery in a way that utilizes community assets and respects cultural values.

Dara Oloyede
Dara Oloyede, MPH, is a Nigerian American immigrant and Colorado transplant living in Boston. She holds a Master of Public Health from Boston University in Maternal & Child Health and Program Management. She is excited to be a part of Tulumbe! Because of her love of the African diaspora and working with African immigrants to organize and drive improvements in population health. During her free time, she likes to be outdoors, attend community events, and explore the Boston community.

Tulumbe! Alumni

Carol Bova
Carol Bova, Ph.D., RN, is a Professor of Nursing and Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. Her clinical work as a nurse practitioner spanned more than 26 years, providing care to adults with HIV infection. She has funded research on HIV, women and HIV, HIV prevention, Hepatitis C virus infection, substance abuse, mental illness, adherence behavior, and patient-provider trust. She is especially interested in community-engaged research, research ethics, and scale development.